Fundacja Partners Polska

Opening the world of science means, according to the Foundation, building bridges between new technologies and research methods, and social activism. Modern science allows a more effective implementation of changes, that lead to social and economic development.

Bringing scientific accomplishments into public debate and knowledge about its progress and dilemmas is one of the crucial conditions of democratic development. Since 2007 the Foundation has engaged in activities promoting dialogue between science, education and social activism. The following initiatives have already been carried out within these activities:

2010-2014 – Super Science Classes – supporting the instructive and substantive skills of teachers in the Mathare Slum of Kenya: series of workshops and advanced training.

2012-2013 – Innovative Education Leaders in Georgia – developing the ability to work with students in an interactive manner.

2009-2011 – Naturally Equal Chances in Georgia – promoting cooperation between teachers and scientists in order to improve the way natural sciences are taught at schools. Series of training sessions, conferences and visitations.

2009-2010 – Science for Development – research and implementation program, aimed at including scientists in the efforts of Polish developmental aid.

2008, 2009 – Explosive class – innovative physics, biology and chemistry lesson scenario contest for teachers organized in cooperation with the Copernicus Science Center.

2008, 2009, 2010 – Science for Development – grant program, implemented by the Foundation on behalf of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The program brings academic circles and organizations for development together by supporting the participation of Polish scientists in international conferences and symposia on international development assistance.

2007 – Promotion in Science: scientific communication training for scientists from Polish academic and scientific institutions, organized on behalf of the Ministry of Science and Tertiary Education.