Fundacja Partners Polska

Developmental education has an important supporting role in the Foundation’s developmental cooperation projects. Its goal is on the one hand building an appreciation in Poland for the situation and need of people from different parts of the world – and consequently increasing the sense of solidarity. On the other, developmental education is meant to spread knowledge about countries, in which the Foundation operates: the social and economic circumstances an culture there. Although many educational projects accompany aid projects directly, some initiatives have become independent projects:

2013 – 2015 – Makutano Junction. Multimedia teaching methods in global education are a proposal for high school teachers, who want to include global education subject matter in their lessons in an interesting, innovative and culturally sensitive manner, by the use of videos as a innovative teaching tool.

2007 – 2014 – Youth for the Globe ’15 – educational program intended to disseminate knowledge about Millennium Development Goals among students and teachers in the Masovian Voivodeship. Founder: European Commission.

2010 – Develop developmental education – series of training sessions for education professionals. Founder: Education for Democracy Foundation.

2010 – Slum school – production of a documentary about St. Philip School in Mathare (Nairobi, Kenya), intended to show how education in slums is organized and done.

2009 – Ambassadors of Development Club – initiative for the creation of a group of teachers dedicated to developmental education in school environments.

2007 – Together toward Goals – series of Foundation-inspired educational events about Millennium Development Goals, performed in Masovian Voivodeship’s high schools.