Fundacja Partners Polska

Developmental cooperation: partnerships for change

Developmental cooperation projects managed by Partners Poland Foundation improve the condition of school infrastructure and transfer knowledge on improving the quality of education, regardless of financial conditions. By building toilets, equipping computer labs, training staff, donating teaching aids the Foundation supports its partners’ development efforts in the Global South’s countries.
Simultaneously the PPF’s actions reinforce the ability to self-organize in local groups responsible for the speed and effectiveness of the Foundation’s operations aimed at improving local living conditions. What is unique about the Foundation’s undertakings is the consistent employment of modern science’s potential in developmental projects. We cooperate with anthropologists, astronomers, biologists, economists, sociologists from Poland’s most prominent academic centers.
Since 1997, employees of the Foundation have been managing projects in 15 countries: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia, Montenegro, Georgia, Jordan, Kenya, Kosovo, Mongolia, Moldova, Ukraine and Tajikistan.

We improve the sanitary infrastructure in schools and run innovative programs of health education. We strive to equalize education opportunities of students of the poorest Nairobi neighborhoods handing over our famous portable science labs and training them in the modern teaching methods. We assist them in creating liaisons with scientists and in implementing contemporary education trends.

We cooperate with a group of proactive teachers and education leaders. By helping them modernize programs of life sciences we support development and modernization of the country. We run trainings, support school projects, organize study tours, furnish schools with teaching aids.

Local Leaders of Innovative Education