Fundacja Partners Polska

The “Mathare CLASSified” project is aimed at assuring that underprivileged children living in the Mathare slum enjoy equal educational and life opportunities by providing them with access to modern science education. Such education fosters critical thinking and creativity.

Some of the main activities within the project include:

Setting up an informal training center for teachers from the slums by creating a group of local trainers and experts who will support Mathare’s schools’ potential and expertise.
Equipping students and teachers with the skills necessary to use computers and access valuable modern educational tools and resources available free of charge on the Internet.
Reducing the digital divide among Kenyans by providing Mathare children and teachers with access to computers and the Internet.
Providing teachers with innovative science teaching skills, that foster critical thinking, inquisitiveness and understanding in students.
Equipping Mathare schools with modern teaching aides and materials, that enable them to learn science in an experimental and empirical way, despite the informal settlement conditions: portable laboratories and telescopes for space observations.

The “Mathare ściśle fajne” project is co-financed by the Polish development cooperation program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the year 2014.